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If you’re considering SCUBA diving as a sport or simply just curious, why not have a Try Dive with one of our Nationally Qualified Instructors. We generally run Try Dives on a Tuesday evening at Wigan Life Centre; however for large groups we can run Try Dive sessions at weekends. If it’s your first Try Dive with Mid Lancs Sub-Aqua Club, it will cost just £20 per person.To arrange a Try Dive drop us a line by using the contact us tab


The ‘Ocean Diver’ course will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills you needed to enable your safe exploration of the underwater world on club dive trips or holidays.Mid Lancs Sub Aqua Club can arrange training programmes that range from days to weeks to months that suit the members availability. But all the training programmes run in a progressive sequence at a pace to suit the individual and nobody will ever be rushed. After all we are here to safely enjoy ourselves.


As with all sports, scuba diving can be physically demanding, so you need to be reasonably fit. Don’t worry you don’t have to be a candidate for the Olympic squad, the vast majority of the public are more than fit enough to take part.Members must complete a BSAC Self-declaration Medical Form before training can start. This medical assessment basically assesses people as to their ‘fitness to dive’. However, should this self-assessment highlight any issues further advice will need to be sought from a medical referee.


During training, you will have use of club equipment in the first instance, i.e. mask & fins and SCUBA set (buoyancy compensating device, regulator & cylinder).Once you are ready to move onto open water training, a lot of people have already started to purchase equipment of their own. We would always recommend diving in a dry suit in and around the UK. Mid Lancs now has a large range of Dry Suits and undersuits sizes for our members to use. If and when you decide to purchase your own, Mid Lancs can offer sound advice on what to look for in your equipment and where the best deals are to be found.


The first year costs £300 for adults and £270 for junior members,  This includes BSAC membership,  training pack and use of club equipment throughout Ocean Diver training. Ongoing costs for club membership are £210 for adults and £181.50 for juniors which includes BSAC membership.

Once qualified as an Ocean Diver,  club equipment may still be used for a small service charge of £1  per use of each of the following – drysuit; undersuit; cylinder; regulator set; BCD (buoyancy control device).

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